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About Fire Aware

“Those who design, build, manage, modify or in other ways have an influence on the integrity of buildings – especially those who are in multiple occupancy – all need to feel responsibility for delivering quality and safety and they need to be held accountable.”

Dame Judith Hackett

Stronger Together

A symbol of Trust and Integrity

Fire Aware was created following the Grenfell Tower disaster that occurred on the 14th June 2017. Evidence given at the Stage 1 & 2 Inquiry into this terrible event exposed many failings in the way that the building was both renovated and managed.

All of the issues that conspired to create the fire at Grenfell Tower, allowing it to spread uncontrollably and resulting in the deaths of 72 innocent victims, can be traced back to one predominant reason.


A distinct lack of morality in the consideration of the residents safety.

Since the terrible event at Grenfell Tower, we have seen more and more evidence of the poor moral approach taken by the supply chain of the built environment. This has created a distinct lack of trust in many of those companies who operate in the related sectors and a socioeconomic disaster in the cladding crisis.

The Fire Aware Organisation reconnects all of those businesses who design develop construct and manage buildings with their moral priority for peoples safety. Fire Aware aims to influence all members of the supply chain to commit to a set of moral obligations which will dictate the way their business acts in relation to its delivery of fire safety. Fire Aware looks to change the procurement process to ensure all members of the chain use their moral standards as a condition of contract or order. Implementing this up and down the supply chain produces a network of morally in tune companies with the same moral position and the visible intent to keep people safe.

Fire Aware is the nationally known community for fire safety, where those in need of knowledge can access the information they need to understand their responsibilities, and can access in one place, those businesses and specialists who can provide the support they need, who themselves are prepared to step up and identify their moral obligations to their peers, clients and customers. The site also contains access to training such as demonstrated in our engagement videos section. Having the fire sector come together under on banner supporting those who need vital life saving information which is easily found and all in one place is a massively positive step in improving fire safety delivery across all sectors.


Who Created Fire Aware

The Concept

The concept of Fire Aware was created by Gavin Skelly FCIOB, who having spent 30+ years in the construction industry, has experience in many of the key roles that play a part in the delivery of the built environment. Gavin has worked with and for private developers, social landlords, major national contactors, consultants and designers giving a strong knowledge base of many aspects of the industry.

“When Grenfell happened, it came as a shock. However on hearing the official evidence of those involved, it didn’t come as a surprise”

Gavin Skelly FCIOB

Fire Aware was developed with the help of Senan Salman RIBA. Senan has over 25 years experience within the construction industry practising as a qualified architect and founder of an architectural practice. Like Gavin, Senan has a wealth of experience working in a multitude of sectors, and variation of client types, all of which have provided him with an invaluable outlook and understanding of the construction process from beginning through to occupation.

“The construction industry continues to be led by blame culture and profits. Grenfell has exposed this in its most horrific form. It is time for change, and time to regain the trust of the general public”

Senan Salman RIBA