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Annual Membership Fees

Fire Aware is a benevolent organisation.

Annual membership fees are reinvested into subsidising training courses to improve accessibility for those wanting to join the fire safety sector. The training courses are those provided by Fire Aware members, details of whom can be found on the Fire Aware Educators page.

When a company applies for annual membership, after payment of the 1st year fee, the applying company will be held in a waiting room and asked to provide various types of information regarding the business, its accreditations, certification and insurance details, relative to the service the company provides. If a company is outside of the fire sector and has no fire specific accreditation’s (such as a Hotelier, Council or School) then an explanation can be given of why this is the case for assessment by the Fire Aware organisation. The applying member will also be subject to a peer review which will involve an assessment of the applying business from a minimum of 2 Fire Aware members of the same or similar disciplines, and 1 member from an unrelated discipline to give a balanced view.

Once the requested information has been received and the peer review completed the member will appear on the Fire Aware members page and will be asked to join the peer review group to assess future applicants. If the applying member fails any of the waiting room tests, they may be asked to improve certain aspects of their business before being released into the Fire Aware community. Or they could have their membership application rejected. In the event of rejection, all fees taken from the members application will be retained by Fire Aware and are non refundable.

We strongly recommend that applying business make sure they understand the joining process – please email us at if you have questions in this regard.

Annual Fees

Annual Fire Aware membership fees provide the member company with the following:
  • Certificate Of Membership which lists out the moral commitments of the member company
  • Static or gif email signature logo
  • Static logo for website use
  • Access to members area of the Fire Aware website including engagement videos
  • Access to Fire Aware branding for corporate use
  • Member company entered into the publicly viewable Fire Aware Register of businesses committed to undertaking good moral practices in fire safety delivery
  • Access to partnered data storage facilities for uploading compliance documentation where necessary
  • Access to Fire Aware Account Manager (for businesses over 100 employees)
  • Immediate and rotational advertising on all Fire Aware Social Media Platforms

Fire Aware Fees are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the applicable rate.

For SPV’s please register the parent company

For group companies please register the specific business that will be using the membership

Fire Aware reserve the right to periodically review fees at their discretion.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.

Fire Aware Membership

Fire Aware Membership Fees

Are charged annually and are based on the size of company in respect to the number of employees.

Please select your company size to proceed.

Affiliate Scheme
£75 PA
£250 PA
£550 PA
£750 PA
£1500 PA
100 – 249 EMPLOYEES
£3000 PA
250 – 499 EMPLOYEES
£4500 PA
500 – 999 EMPLOYEES
£6000 PA
£10000 PA