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Membership Benefits and FAQs

Driving cultural change in all of the sectors that have an obligation for end user safety

Membership Benefits

In signing up to Fire Aware, the member company immediately receives :

  • Access to email signature Fire Aware static and gif logos to be used by company employees to brand the member business as Fire Aware
  • Access to Fire Aware logos for use on corporate websites to brand the member business as Fire Aware
  • Certificate of Membership that contains all obligations that have been committed too.
  • Access to the Fire Aware database for uploading company compliance paperwork if necessary
  • Company inclusion in the Fire Aware members directory with an overview description of why your business is Fire Aware
  • Access to Fire Aware members directory that includes details and services of all other Fire Aware members
  • Access to Fire Aware Engagement Videos, including Resident Engagement, Site Induction and many more
  • Access to Fire Aware member video content
  • Access to Fire Aware shop that provides further corporate branding opportunities
  • For businesses over 100 employees, access to a Fire Aware account manager who will work with the member business to integrate improvements in fire safety corporate strategy.
  • Immediate and regular promotion on Fire Aware social media accounts
Why Was Fire Aware Formed?

Fire Aware was created to assist in the cultural change that is needed in the delivery of fire safety across the UK. Fire Aware focuses on the moral aspect of fire safety, and asks all of its members to identify themselves as businesses that care about the safety of the people who inhabit the buildings they create, own or manage.

Why Should We Join Fire Aware?

We have seen in recent years the steady decline of trust in those that deliver the built environment. This was no greater demonstrated than in the terrible events that happened on 14th June 2017 at Grenfell Tower. Since then there has been more and more sector wide exposure of malpractice and an ignorance of end user safety promoted by financial greed and ignorance of the rules. Fire Aware Members are taking a stand against this kind of corporate approach and identifying themselves as businesses that can be trusted to deliver and operate safe buildings.

How Are Members Checked?

A combination of data compliance which is uploaded to the Fire Aware organisation for review, on the spot inspections carried out in the field to make sure the member business is acting in line with their moral commitments, and client review of a member businesses fire safety services.

Does Fire Aware Replace Any Current Or Forthcoming Legislation

No. Fire Aware supports legislation and compliance by asking its members to think about their corporate approach to peoples safety. Fire Aware does not replace any statutory laws that currently exist. Fire Aware does not ask any business to do anything other than comply with current regulation. However Fire Aware does task its members to go above and beyond minimum standards.

How Is The Membership Fee Used

Fire Aware is a benevolent organisation. All profits from membership after operating costs, will be reinvested in supporting sectors of the fire industry that need financial support. This could be to subsidise training for those who want to enter the fire sector, fund mitigation of buildings caught up in the cladding crisis releaving leaseholders from the financial burden of waking watch, and fund where possible the Fire & Rescue Services

How Is Fire Aware Different From Other Organisations?

Fire Aware is an answer to one of the major problems we have in delivering fire safety. The lack of responsible procurement. Fire Aware is a community of businesses who have taken a stand against the race to the bottom, and have committed to identifying this responsible moral ethic as part of their corporate image. Fire Aware crosses the boundaries of sectors who have responsibilities for end-user safety. Its not just about construction companies. Its about ALL companies who want to show the public that they are responsible and are committing to only delivering the safest outcome for their clients and customers.