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Engagement Videos

Types Of Video

Fire Aware Engagement Videos

The Fire Aware Engagement Videos provide easily understandable content that explain various aspects of fire safety and provide guidance and advice to all members who may need help.

The videos are a collection of films either specifically created by Fire Aware to target known pressure points within the industry, or produced in association with specialist Fire Aware members who can impart knowledge and advice in specific areas. The content has been written to be simplistic but informative to the untrained observer who may need assistance.




Fire Aware members can access a bank of engagement videos that focus on a variety of topics. The content had been created by Fire Aware but also includes content from specialist suppliers and contractors giving helpful guidance for those who need it. Examples of the type of content are :

A video created by Fire Aware…

Don’t Have A Bad Day

To be used by main and sub contractor members at the site induction of their operatives.

The video is designed to promote a sense of responsibility in the viewer that the end users of the buildings they are creating rely on the operatives doing the work properly with a full understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to the work. This video is supported by a poster campaign that can be deployed across sites keeping the message alive in the minds of those who have seen it.

A video created by Fire Aware…

Stronger Together

That demonstrates how membership of Fire Aware in the supply chain can improve standards across the landscape of fire delivery, taking in all members of the supply chain from the clients at the front end of the process to the end user landlords.

A video created by Fire Aware…

Resident Engagement Video

Aimed at residents of flat developments, this series of mini films explains the Stay Put Policy and the important points the residents should know about the design of the building they live in, and what they should and shouldn’t do to their residences that might compromise their safety.

The mini films focus on the importance of smoke detection, flat entrance doors, internal flat doors, routes of escape, communal areas, escape windows and sprinklers. The films also describes the role of the responsible person and introduces their importance to the residents.