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Ash Fire Management & Ventilation Systems Ltd Join Fire Aware

This Hertfordshire based facade specialist offers smoke control compliance, including survey, design, manufacture and installation of passive fire safety and smoke control solutions. They uniquely provide their Cavi-Teck cavity solution which protects against rapid smoke migration and fire spread within the facades of any building envelope. By isolation at compartment, the system offers heat deflection insulation product protection (ACM EPS HPL) and cavity sealing, whilst still allowing moisture trays to operate.

This business will assist in one of the organisations primary goals in helping leaseholders out from underneath the burden of the cladding crisis, by providing a deliverable solution that will be funded by Fire Aware membership revenue.

“Turning the reputation of the fire safety industry is similar to that of manually turning an oil tanker. Its not going to happen overnight, but with every membership of the Fire Aware organisation, another line is thrown on the tankers prow. Responsible and diligent companies who have identified their moral position in a stand against the race to the bottom, pulling together will undoubtedly begin to alter the course and the reputation of the fire industry and its related sectors.”

Paul Evans – Ash Fire