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Fire Aware Charters

Building Management Companies Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at companies who manage buildings on behalf of a Freeholder.

The charter obligates the member company to ensure they understand the various rules and regulations put in place to ensure the buildings they are responsible for are continually managed with a view to upholding the residents safety.

The charter promotes resident engagement and increased communication with the buildings occupants to ensure they are fully informed at all times of the status of the buildings fire strategy.

In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:


  1. As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  2. We will fully understand the role of The Responsible Person and The Accountable Person as set out in the Fire Safety Bill 2021 and the Regulatory Reform Act of 2005
  3. We will understand the fire strategy of the building we are responsible for managing at all times and update residents when necessary
  4. We will engage and communicate regularly with residents to ensure fire safety concerns are considered and addressed
  5. We will understand the testing requirements of any components of the fire strategy, and ensure these are carried out. Test results will be shared with the Fire Aware Organisation on request.
  6. We will, in respect to regulations made under Article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and in line with Regulation 10 and the ongoing maintenance and inspection of our premises fire doors, only employ fire door inspectors who have completed a UKAS accredited inspection scheme.
  7. We will consider a strategy of management for storage of any battery powered vehicles within the premises
  8. We will regularly inspect communal areas to ensure they remain clear and free of obstructions
  9. We will ensure building signage relating to fire safety is current, relevant, and maintained to ensure effective use
  10. We will communicate the obligations of this charter to all residents of the buildings we manage
  11. We will communicate the conditions of this charter to our customers and clients, and inspire our supply chain to identify their own moral positions in relation to successful fire safety delivery.