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Fire Aware Charters

Commercial Trades Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at companies who manage and carry out works within building’s used for commercial use.

This charter promotes awareness in understanding the fire strategy of the commercial buildings they work in.

It promotes consideration of the works being undertaken and the effect these may have on the fire strategy already in place to protect those who use the building for its intended purpose.


Join us today and start your Fire Aware journey.

In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  1. As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  2. We will only undertake works that we are accredited to undertake. Accreditation will be uploaded to the Fire Aware organisation
  3. We will closely co ordinate and communicate with the Responsible Person
  4. We will ensure our works do not clash with the operation of the buildings fire strategy, and at all times ensure the Responsible Person is aware of the fire strategy status
  5. We will ensure when tendering works we understand the fire strategy of the premises within which the works are being undertaken, prior to committing costs
  6. We will ensure that our project RAMS consider the risk of fire during the works particularly in the instances of continued end user occupation during the works
  7. We will communicate and co ordinate our works with the ability of the Building Control agent to inspect works prior to closing up
  8. During our works we will consider escape routes and the effect on these our works may have, for both public and other trades involved