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Fire Aware Charters

Private Individuals Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at those who wish to support the Fire Aware organisation from a personal perspective and does not represent Fire Aware membership of a corporate entity.

This Charter is designed to demonstrate a personal view supporting the promotion of moral accountability within fire safety delivery and management. This charter can be used by those who are employed by companies who have not signed up corporately to Fire Aware but who as an individual want to show their support for what the organisation stands for.

Those signing up to this charter are permitted to use the Fire Aware post nominal Affiliate Fire Aware (aFA) and, to the best of their abilities, will uphold the following principle’s of the Affiliate Charter in the course of their professional duties.

The purpose of this charter is to promote awareness of the importance of diligent and responsible fire safety design installation and management. The post nominal aFA is to be used to identify the affiliate’s commitment to improving the safety of the built environment by promoting their personal view that public safety must be upheld without compromise.

The affiliate can use the Fire Aware Certificate of Affiliation to demonstrate this to their peers, employers, and the general public which spreads awareness of the importance of responsible fire safety design, delivery and management.

The affiliate will be listed on the Fire Aware Affiliation Scheme page which identifies further their association with the organisation.



In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  1. As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  2. We will be clear that we take our obligations for end user fire safety seriously, and will use the Fire Aware post nominal aFA to identify this personal commitment.
  3. We will with reasonable consideration be aware of our surroundings, and raise any concerns observed within the environment relating to poor practices in the delivery and management of fire safety.
  4. We will where reasonably practicable support others who need advice or assistance in respect to fire safety design delivery or management, and if necessary refer them on to those qualified to assist.
  5. We will support, promote and spread awareness of the Fire Aware organisation wherever it is relevant and possible to do so.
  6. We will continue to increase our knowledge base and recognition of fire safety matters within the industry including but not limited to a minimum of 7 hours of career personal development (CPD) during a 12-month period from the registration date to the Fire Aware affiliate scheme.