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Fire Aware Charters

Property Developers Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at companies who commercially develop property.

Aimed at developers who commission construction or refurbishment of buildings for residential or public use, this Charter promotes the developer to consider the safety of those who use the building at appraisal stage, and to ensure sufficient flexibility within the development costs and timescales to accommodate high standards of fire safety delivery throughout the entire project

In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  1. As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  2. We will understand the role of the Accountable Person and the Responsible Person as set out in the Fire Safety Bill 2021 and the Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 and appoint suitably competent professionals to assume these roles
  3. We agree that prior to acquisition of a potential development opportunity we will liaise with a registered Fire Aware member fire consultant to ensure that fire risks, assessments, and design advice are integrated into all feasibility studies carried out
  4. We will ensure that all design team members are suitably aware of their obligations and requirements in fire safety compliance prior to appointment
  5. We agree that it is our moral obligation as clients that our building designs will inherently recognise the importance of fire safety and its impact on the end users.
  6. We agree that fire safety is assigned a prime financial allowance for all our developments, at all stages of the design and construction process, and it is our moral obligation to manage this process.
  7. We will ensure sufficient cost is allowed at appraisal stage for the required level of Building Control input commensurate with the type of work and programme of works being undertaken
  8. We will undertake to include in our cost appraisals an independent Clerk Of Works role for the examination of the contracted works relating to fire safety for the entirety of the project
  9. We acknowledge that it is our moral obligation under this charter to ensure fire safety measures are integrated into all stages of our developments projects, including but not limited to the risk management of fire safety within the construction phases through to the post completion occupation by the end user
  10. We will ensure that all designed and selected materials used on the interior and exterior of our buildings will be selected based on their fire safety technical attributes and appropriateness in advance of any financial or value engineered proposal, and that it is our moral obligation to acknowledge that they are compliant with current Building Regulations, British Standards, and all other relevant fire safety compliance codes.
  11. We will inspire all tendering contractors, their sub-contractors, and their supply chains are Fire Aware members in order to improve the tendering and procurement process
  12. We will ensure that at the appropriate time we will appoint an independent inspector who is a member of a UKAS accredited inspection scheme to inspect and approve all fire door installations prior to completion of the project
  13. We will, in respect to regulations made under Article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and in line with Regulation 10 and the ongoing maintenance and inspection of our premises fire doors, only employ fire door inspectors who have completed a UKAS accredited inspection scheme.
  14. We will in the case of medium and high rise developments always consider the use of multiple staircases to improve the access opportunities for the Fire & Rescue Services
  15. We will in the case of change of use refurbishments, design our communal areas to utilise any existing staircases.
  16. We will always consider the use of any existing external staircases as supplementary escape routes.