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Fire Aware Charters

Registered Social Landlords Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at Registered Social Landlords and Local Councils who own, sell via Shared Ownership or rent residential property.

The charter promotes moral consideration for the safety of the residents in the development and construction of social housing, and the ongoing maintenance for the properties during occupation.

It promotes resident engagement and raises the awareness of ethnicity and diversity in standardises and tailored messaging.

In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  1. We will ensure the safety of our residents in respect to the successful delivery of fire safety is a first priority
  2. We will listen to residents’ concerns and will act accordingly to any comment we feel requires action.
  3. We will be progressive in the delivery of our fire safety
  4. We will consider ethnicity and diversity in all of our fire strategy management, and where necessary employ the use of tailored messaging to ensure effective and relevant information is clearly understood by all of our customers.
  5. We will openly communicate the conditions of this Fire Aware Moral Charter to our residents, service providers and supply chains
  6. We will inspire our service providers and supply chains to provide their own moral commitments
  7. We will report moral underperformance in any part of our supply chain for the delivery of our fire safety
  8. We will assist others in the development of fire safety procedures using our own experiences
  9. We will specify only the use of accredited fire safety components
  10. We will, in respect to regulations made under Article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and in line with Regulation 10 and the ongoing maintenance and inspection of our premises fire doors, only employ fire door inspectors who have completed a UKAS accredited inspection scheme.
  11. We will regularly provide statutory compliance paperwork for external audit to demonstrate our ongoing commitments to resident safety. This information will be shared with the Fire Aware organisation on request.
  12. We will ensure our project timescales take into account sufficient time for inspection and sign off of fire safety components.
  13. We will not only consider the safety of those who occupy our buildings, but also the safety of the fire and rescue services who may have to attend to a fire in our buildings.
  14. We will provide fire safety information and best practice advise to residents and continue to update this information on an annual basis
  15. We will ensure that all residents are aware of their responsibilities in relation to communal escape routes and staircases
  16. We will ensure all residents are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining all fire related products within their property in ‘as installed’ condition