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Fire Aware Charters

Software Platform providers

This charter is aimed specifically at companies who provide platforms, applications or software programmes in support of the fire safety sector.

This Charter is designed to influence the performance of software companies who provide applications and platforms for use by those who provide fire safety services, or need to record their fire safety management data.


In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  1. As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  2. We will be clear in the marketing of our business that we take our obligations for end user fire safety seriously, and will use the Fire Aware logo to identify this.
  3. We will be ensure we fully understand our clients brief in respect to the type of software required and only provide systems that align with the clients specific requirements
  4. We shall use best practice and endeavors to target a service uptime > 99.5% during normal business hours of Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm GMT except for public holidays.
  5. Customer support shall be available via live chat, email, and telephone
  6. We shall keep your data safe, secure and in line with current GDPR regulations
  7. Your data will be hosted on cloud servers in the UK
  8. We will agree incident management protocols with all members that will easily assist them in the event of an incident to recover information that may be needed as a priority