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Fire Aware Charters

Sub Contractors Charter

This charter is aimed specifically at Sub Contractors employed by a Main Contractor to carry out installation works.

This Charter raises the awareness of the operatives working onsite to the risk presented to the end user by poor installation of fire strategy components.

This Charter focuses on promoting a sense of responsibility within the sub contract operatives by making them think about the residents who rely on them to carry out their work properly to stay safe.

In signing this Charter

We commit that the following standards and actions will be upheld during the course of our activities:
  • As a first priority, we will at all times consider the outcomes of our actions in respect to the safety of the end user
  • We will ensure our operatives are aware of their responsibilities in the delivery of successful fire safety
  • We will ensure the competency of our operatives is at all times in line with the fire safety works being undertaken
  • We will ensure continuation of site specific fire safety information during staff rotation
  • We will ensure test data (BBA/BRE) for the products used onsite are distributed to the installing operatives and implement toolbox talks to ensure operatives are aware of the details prior to the works commencing
  • We will construct external wall sample panels onsite prior to works commencing including vertical and horizontal cavity barriers
  • We will construct internal compartmentation sample panels for junctions of internal walls
  • We will provide updated compliance certification to the Fire Aware organisation
  • We will work with the Fire Aware organisation to improve standards in communication and information
  • We will utilise the Fire Aware community information platform and ensure our knowledge base is continually developed