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Fire Aware Compliance Portal

In conjunction with our partners at Compliance 100, welcome to Fire Aware Compliance. The below link will take you through to a partner website that will facilitate the upload of the necessary compliance documentation Fire Aware expects its members to hold. This will take different forms depending on the type of member business.

Members will also be asked to answer questions about their performance in relation to the moral obligations the member committed too when taking on Fire Aware membership. The answers can be descriptions of corporate actions taken in line with the commitments, or documents uploaded to prove compliance.

Fire Aware will monitor the information provision and assess if the member business is upholding its commitments. Businesses which go above and beyond the minimum requirement’s will be championed by the Fire Aware organisation on the website and social media platforms to identify the member business as taking its moral position seriously.


Fire Aware Compliance Portal

Group Admins and Members can use the portal for uploading compliance information. For businesses such as main and sub contractors, with multiple sites, there is a headline site for the main business, which will contain overriding information such as insurances and accreditation, and then multiple sub sites, which can be used by the related members to upload specific information. Please contact us at with any queries relating to data upload.

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