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Fire DNA join Fire Aware!

Software company Fire DNA have joined Fire Aware! This progressive Horsham based software company supports a huge network of clients by cataloging manufacturers’ product data, and digitally sharing it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners, FM’s & TMO’s. That data can then be used by Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike, with a simple swipe of a smartphone.

FireDNA is a cloud based app, that uses the latest mobile and RFID technology. Developed in collaboration with Manufacturers, Contractors/Installers, Fire Inspectors and Insurer’s, to deliver passive fire product safety, compliance, accountability and traceability.

Fire DNA

For more details on this progressive company please see the Fire Aware members page or direct contact details below :

Call 01403 597590